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Sandstone Point, a picturesque coastal locality in Queensland, Australia, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and thriving real estate market. This charming region is characterised by its diverse mix of residential properties, from cosy neighbourhood homes to modern ocean view apartments. The area’s unique blend of coastal charm and modern conveniences has made it a highly sought-after destination for both home buyers and property investors.

In 2018, the real estate market in Sandstone Point witnessed a significant uptick, bolstered by the area’s growing popularity and strong economic indicators. The locale’s proximity to Brisbane, coupled with its serene beachside ambiance and array of lifestyle amenities, has drawn a consistent stream of interest from diverse demographics, including young families, professionals, and retirees.

Awarded Sandstone Point Real Estate

In 2018, the Sandstone Point Real Estate Agency Of The Year was awarded to Knobel & Davis North. Our agency was recognised for our exemplary services in the real estate sector, a testament to our deep understanding of market trends, community requirements, and customer service.

This recognition was not only reflective of our exceptional proficiency in property management and sales, but also the innovative approach towards addressing the evolving demands of the real estate industry. We demonstrated an adaptability that allowed us to navigate the fluctuating market trends, ensuring continued growth and stability.

Selling Your Sandstone Point Property

At Knobel & Davis we are experts in providing strategic consultation for homeowners looking to sell their properties in this coastal locality. The Sandstone Point market has demonstrated a steady growth trajectory, with the median property price showing a consistent upward trend.

Our seasoned real estate professionals apply their in-depth knowledge of market trends, leveraging data-driven insights to advise on optimal listing prices and sales strategies. In a market characterised by a diverse mix of traditional homes and modern apartments, our team’s understanding of buyer preferences and demographics is invaluable.

The key to successful property sales in Sandstone Point lies not only in understanding the market conditions but also in skilfully showcasing the unique characteristics of each property. Using advanced digital and traditional methods to showcase properties effectively, you can maximise your properties visibility and attract the right buyers.

Sandstone Point Rental Property Management

In recent years, rental properties in Sandstone Point have experienced a surge in demand, making them a solid investment for property owners. With its peaceful setting and neighbourhoods rich in amenities, Sandstone Point has become a magnet for both short-term holiday seekers and long-term tenants, driving rental yields upwards.

Our property management services are thorough and attentive, ensuring properties are well-maintained, and tenant relations are amicable. We handle all aspects of rental management, from marketing the property, screening prospective tenants, to managing routine maintenance and repairs.

Our comprehensive approach, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the Sandstone Point rental market, sets us apart from competitors. This expertise, backed by a commitment to providing superior customer service, makes us a top choice for property owners seeking a reliable partner in managing their rental properties.

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